Naval Tactical Warfare Guide (paperback)

This book is used as a coursebook for the Tactical Module of the Maritime Warfare Course given by Navtrain International in Den Helder. This course trains (young) foreign officers in tactical and operational naval warfare. The book can be ordered on this webshop if you live in The Netherlands or Belgium.

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One of the few books on Naval Tactical Thinking

Essential Knowledge for Surface Ship Warfare Officers

naval tactical thinkingWarfare at sea differs fundamentally from warfare on land or in the air, and so does naval tactical thinking. Although these warfare domains definitely interact and do have a lot in common they cannot be fought in the same way. To think naval tactics are the same as on land would be a grave mistake. You can hide on land and in the air you can run. However, at sea, once you have been found there is no place to hide and nowhere for you to run. You have to fight out the battle that is coming. And it requires every effort either to win that fight. Or to break contact so you can escape your enemy and live to fight another day.

Many good books on naval strategy have been written. And there are also various books excellently describing historical naval operations. But books on modern naval tactics are rare. This is because tactics are often classified as confidential or even secret. The reasons for this classification are the specific details on military equipment required for those tactics to be effective. However, the basic rules used in naval tactics have remained remarkably unchanged over time. They can be derived from general limitations imposed by the sea and by the way ships must be built. This book captures these basics and presents them as a guide to naval tactical decision making.

Why you should by this book

Understanding these basics is essential for anyone who wants to become a warfare officer on board a surface warship. Hence it is why this book is used in the training of officers in the Tactical module of the NAVTRAIN Maritime Warfare Course.

But this book is also useful to anyone interested in playing and mastering advanced Naval War Games. And for those who have been a warfare officer or still are, the book can be used as an reminder. It may even bring back memories.

It is the First Book of the PRACTICAL WARFARE SERIES

(the second one is now being written)

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